Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Don't I have to go to an - In Network - doctor?
This is a common misconception promoted by the insurance company! No, you do NOT have to go “In Network”. We will check your insurance coverage for you and go over the costs with you so there are no surprises. If you do not have insurance coverage to cover your care, you may want to take advantage of a Wellness Plan or Family Plan.
What is a Wellness Plan or Family Plan?
There are no contracts at One Stop Wellness! (Coming here is not like joining a gym!) There are options for people who wish to benefit from a lifestyle that includes One Stop Wellness. We offer these as part of our commitment to make health affordable. That said, we offer levels of care from relief care to preventative care and wellness care. We respect and support your right to make your health decisions.
But someone told me Chiropractic is not for me… So is Chiropractic safe for my injury / my condition / my young child?
Yes! We are trained in advanced techniques from gentle chiropractic care for babies, to injury care for football players, we have great results for Atlanta area residents of all shapes and sizes. Pregnant women love the relief of getting the stress off of their lower back, and frustrated parents love having reputable advice on natural options for their chronically sick kids.
How do I use your Nutrition Services?
You choose. We can answer specific questions, or help someone design a way of eating that promotes their specific health goals, budget, tastes and lifestyle. We can offer feedback on the supplements you are currently taking, or suggest ones that would be most likely to benefit your unique health goals in a way that a non-individualized recommendation or “multivitamin” will not.
How can you help with Weight Loss?
There are lots of ways to lose weight. Most of them do NOT create long term health! Taking stimulants or eating a lot of animal products might sound like an easy weight loss solution, but we are causing damage to our bodies! Get healthy and get thinner at the same time! Stop wasting money on the roller coaster of broken promises. Get on our plan and get coached…you will be more likely to get long lasting results and feel better in every way.
Do you sell Vitamins, Herbs and supplements?
We have a variety in stock, but we are very picky about which products and brands we carry. There are many “natural” products that come from unreliable sources. We do our best to offer the highest quality at affordable prices. You can pick up what you need or ask for help in deciding.

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